The main staff of Tapegarden includes two gardeners, Antti (the Headgardener) and Heli.

About Antti

I am a business owner, CEO, errand boy, assistant, secretary, customer service representative, marketer, seller, cleaner and ultimately responsible for all matters related to Tapegarden. The responsibilities do not end with running Tapegarden but also include the BOXit moving box rental company and from time to time also other work related to my expertise.

As an extrovert, open and happy in nature, I like being with people. It is always nice to meet customers both in the warehouse store and at various fairs and events. It’s really nice to get feedback from customers about how well we’ve succeeded at customer service. I want to guide Tapegarden to an even better customer experience.

Honesty and responsibility are two especially important values to me. I want to implement them in business as well as in my personal life. I think we are all equally valuable regardless of our individual qualities or roles. I wish we could all be humbler and more kind-hearted towards each other and do unto each other as we would like them to do unto ourselves.

My free time is spent with my family, on hobbies, volunteer work as well as meeting many of my other responsibilities in different organizations that are close to my heart. I would like to have more time to exercise and I enjoy various water sports. In particular, Kite surfing has been one of my hobbies for a long time and I really enjoy it every time I get on the water.

You can reach Antti via email from antti @

About Heli

I am the garden gnome of Tapegarden  Teippitarhan storage is my “kingdom” and its everyday management that is my job. I collect and pack the webstore orders, unpack, and shelve products that come to us, keep stock shelves in line, look for new products for our selection etc.

In my free time, I do all kinds of things with my dogs, from basic walks to dog sports (e.g. rally obedience). I also like to play video games, draw, paint and I occasionally venture out with my camera to dog and horse events. Animals are mm thing, especially dogs.
You can contact me via the email form at heli @ (remove the spaces :)). I am especially happy to receive product requests and tips on how we could expand our selection.